Chuck vs. the Podcast Holiday Extravaganza - Including a Poem by Julia Ling!

Happy Holidays, Anna Wu fans!  Be sure to check out the awesome holiday version of Chuck vs the Podcast.  It includes a great, Chuck-themed "Twas the Nigh Before Christmas" reading by the one and only Anna Wu!

Top 10 Anna Wu Scenes

What are your favorite Anna Wu scenes from Chuck?  Check out some of our favorite Julia Ling moments in the fan video below!

Top 10 Anna Wu Scenes

Interview with Julia Ling - - January 2010

Here's an interview with Julia Ling from from January 2010.  Julia discusses her audition for Chuck and gives aspiring actors some great advice.  There's also an amazingly awkward camera zoom-in on Julia around the 1:30 mark.  Enjoy!

Chuck's First Flash

Check out this scene from Episode 1.01, "Pilot" of Chuck.  It is also Anna Wu's very first scene!

Nerd Herd Reviews - Avril Lavigne

Anna tells Lester to be a man

Nerd Herd Reviews - Romantic Comedies

Anna tries to explain to Jeff what the definition of a romantic comedy is:

Meet the Nerd Herders - Anna's Mad Skillz

Here's a video of Anna's martial arts abilities from the Season 1 webisodes of Chuck:

Meet the Nerd Herders - Anna's Sword Skills

Here's a video of Anna Wu's sword skills, from the Season 1 webisodes of Chuck:

Anna's Fight Scene - Chuck vs. the Break-up

Here's one of my favorite Anna Wu scenes, from Episode 2.03, "Chuck vs. the Break-up"

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