Anna Wu's Nerd Herd Badge

Check out this great piece of Anna Wu history.  Julia Ling shared this picture of Anna Wu's Nerd Herd badge on her Facebook, along with the following recount:

Anna Wu/Julia Ling Avatars

Are you in need of some Anna Wu or Julia Ling avatars for Twitter, AIM, etc.?  Here's a whole gallery full for you!

Anna Wu Fights! - New Wallpaper

Anna Wu Fights!

You may have noticed some new artwork popping up on the site recently - any thoughts?  Here's some wallpaper featuring the latest piece of art provided by Pow Studios.  Enjoy!

Julia Ling at Starfury T2

Tons of photos of Julia Ling's surprise appearance at Starfury T2 are popping up on the web, and here's a link to a whole lot of them over at  Julia looks great and from what I've heard, she totally stole the show!

DVD Screencaps - Episode 1.03: Chuck vs. the Tango

DVD Screencaps from Episode 1.03: "Chuck vs. the Tango" have been posted.
Check out the gallery here.

DVD Screencaps - Episode 1.01: Pilot

DVD Screencaps from Episode 1.01: "Pilot" of Chuck have been posted.

Check out the gallery here.

Julia Ling Photoshoot - May 2010

Here's a gallery of photos from a recent photoshoot, provided to We Love Anna Wu straight from Julia Ling herself!  The gallery includes some exclusives that haven't been posted elsewhere yet, so get to it!

Check out the gallery here.

We Love Anna Wu Wallpaper

Check out the first batch of We Love Anna Wu wallpaper!

Screencaps - Episode 3.16: Chuck vs. the Tooth

Screencaps of Anna Wu from Episode 3.16: "Chuck vs. the Tooth," are now posted!

Check out the gallery here.

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