Petition to Bring Back Anna Wu

She's a bit of a social misfit, a bit snarky, and she's not the best at expressing serious emotions, but she's incredibly smart and seductive and we can't get enough of her. We love Anna Wu, and we want to do everything we can to have her return to Chuck! This petition is a formal request to the producers and writers of Chuck to bring back Anna Wu as part of the main cast of the show in Season 4.

Petitioner's Name Comment
Clive Galea
Anna Wu can play an important role in Chuck!! She can kick-ass so she can become part of the spy team!!
Dan Pass
Dupont Circle
United States
Return Anna Wu as an agent for yet a third Agency that has been monnitoring the events of Chuck and the Intercept. It would be a good foil to Sarah and Casey and plays to the character depth of Wu that has been hinted at in previous episodes. And don't worry about the audience...we can keep up with the story line.
Jeffrey John Johnson
United States
She is a great character, please bring her back!!
Alex M
New Zealand
I love this show, and would love to see Anna back in Season 4!
Chris Ouellette
United Kingdom
Martin Wigmore
United Kingdom
Chuck needs Anna Wu,,if not could she come back as an evil version of herself?....
United States
bring Julia back! Her Character was fun, beautiful, and a bit mysterious, not to mention a positive Asian character, which TV can never have enough of.
Erdal K
United States
donald cheong
from e t
United States
she must keep it on i don't y itz getting off the air i love her work nd if u guyz need any1 i am here too help just keep ur head up nd then u will make it alright later z
joe ballard
United States
still love chuck but it is lacking a bit without julia