Petition to Bring Back Anna Wu

She's a bit of a social misfit, a bit snarky, and she's not the best at expressing serious emotions, but she's incredibly smart and seductive and we can't get enough of her. We love Anna Wu, and we want to do everything we can to have her return to Chuck! This petition is a formal request to the producers and writers of Chuck to bring back Anna Wu as part of the main cast of the show in Season 4.

Petitioner's Name Comment
Rick Ramey
Crab Nebula
United States
Carson B Wagner
United States
Now, with more fight scenes!
D'Sar Darkstar
New York
United States
I always thought Anna Wu should've been made an agent! She's be great to protect Morgan as part of team Bartowski! Casey was right! Make her an agent! Bring her back! The show's become awesome, but write her back in as a secret spy all along brought into watch Chuck and Castle.
Michael Page
United States
Anna's bad assery combined with biting sarcasm is what made the show for me. I still watch most times, but it's no longer a "can't miss" without Anna.
Kirk D
United States
Bring her back.
Kelly Bailey
United States
Please bring back Anna!
Kylie Jenkins
New Mexico
United States
Help Her!
ettore Palazzi
Ettore Palazzi
we love anna Wu
Bruce A. Swick
United States
I think the show has gone down hill with out Anna Wu.
Chris Chirico
New York
United States
Chuck is not the same without Anna Wu! Please bring her back to the cast for Season 4!