Petition to Bring Back Anna Wu

She's a bit of a social misfit, a bit snarky, and she's not the best at expressing serious emotions, but she's incredibly smart and seductive and we can't get enough of her. We love Anna Wu, and we want to do everything we can to have her return to Chuck! This petition is a formal request to the producers and writers of Chuck to bring back Anna Wu as part of the main cast of the show in Season 4.

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Steve Stilson
San Leandro
United States
Chris Ouellette
United Kingdom
Julia could come back as a field agent(morgan could run into her on an op, then awkwardness would ensue)
bring Anna back!!
lyle bottlemy
United States
coffee needs sugar ..... chuck needs Wu......
United Kingdom
Anna's part in the show - and Julia's brilliant chemistry with the rest of the cast - is far too good to waste.
edward raine
London City of
United Kingdom
anna rules