Anna meets Chuck's mom

Facts about Anna:

1.) She knows everyone at the Buy More.

2.) She kicks ass. (figuratively AND literally)

3.) She just had her heart broken by Morgan.

--So, doesn't that make her the perfect candidate to be scooped up by Chuck's mom, and used to take down Chuck and the crew? If the writers aren't already working on this 'Evil Anna' story arc, then they better get on it!

Esther Foster

Anna meets Chuck's mom | We Love Anna Wu

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Nice poses and expressions! I love that last shot with Kyle stikcing his butt out! I can just imagine a face appearing on Kyle's butt saying, "Come on, Jack. Slap me. You know you want to".Or, "Quick man, cling Tenacious D to my buttocks!"John,I love your blog and the stuff you post, but if the reason you don't say much or put up more variety is that you're busy working on a new cartoon or music video for us, then that's a damn good excuse!

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