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If Anna Wu Were an Ice Cream Flavor...

If Anna Wu were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would she be?  What about the rest of the cast of Chuck?  Head over to our Twitter or Facebook and let us know!  Julia Ling will tweet her favorites on Twitter and you may even get a surprise gift from Julia herself! 

Chuck vs. the Podcast Holiday Extravaganza - Including a Poem by Julia Ling!

Happy Holidays, Anna Wu fans!  Be sure to check out the awesome holiday version of Chuck vs the Podcast.  It includes a great, Chuck-themed "Twas the Nigh Before Christmas" reading by the one and only Anna Wu!

Chuck Season 4 Has Been Extended to 24 Episodes!

Bring Back Anna Wu!

NBC announced that they have extended Chuck Season 4 by 11 episodes, bringing it to a full 24 episodes!  What are you interested in seeing in these new 11 episodes? 

Ken-Mar Rescue Charity Event - A Chance to Meet Julia Ling and Yvonne Strahovski!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the Ken-Mar Rescue Charity Event on 11/13.  It's for a great cause (rescuing orphaned dogs) and you could meet Julia Ling and Yvonne Strahovski, who will both be celebrity guests at the event!

For more information, contact info@KenMarRescue.org or visit their website: KenMarRescue.org.

Chuck Season 4 Starts Tonight!

We know that our favorite character, Anna Wu, will be absent, however we wanted to remind you that tonight is the season premiere of Chuck Season 4!  Don't forget to tune in to NBC at 8pm and show your support!

And we haven't given up hope, yet!  We still want the producers and writers of Chuck to know that we haven't forgotten about Anna Wu!  If you haven't done so already, please head over to our petition and help us bring Anna Wu back to Chuck!

Chuck Season 3 DVD Review

We Want Anna Wu!

It's not much, but thought it was worth mentioning: in DVDTalk's review of the Chuck Season 3 DVD that was released last week, two items are listed in the "hates" section: "Not getting commentaries, Not getting Julia Ling."  I certainly agree with that statement (particularly the second half)!

Anna Wu as Greta - What Do You Think?

Isaiah Mustafa as Greta #2

Some fans at Julia Ling's Facebook Fan Page have suggested the interesting idea of Anna Wu returning to Chuck as Greta in Season 4.  Greta, as Zach Levi explains here, is a character "who's going to be in almost every episode, but it's played by a different actor every time. It's this CIA worker -- the CIA has now taken over the Buy More, and there all these different government workers who are [staffing] it, so you see different ones, but the same one, named Greta in every episode. ... It's a guy or a girl, you never know."

A Love Letter to Anna Wu

A Love Letter to Anna Wu

I'm pretty sure this is the only way to propose to Anna Wu that wouldn't end up with you getting your butt kicked.

Top 10 Anna Wu Scenes

What are your favorite Anna Wu scenes from Chuck?  Check out some of our favorite Julia Ling moments in the fan video below!

Top 10 Anna Wu Scenes

Anna Wu: Field Ops Leader Board is Live!

I hope everyone has been enjoying Anna Wu: Field Ops!  Our leader board is now up and running, and it looks like the high score to beat so far is staker's 55,975!  Good luck!

And while you're here, don't forget to sign the petition to bring Anna Wu back to Chuck!